File Security and Management

In this project we want to implement classification of secure system using the process of supervised learning in python language by using encryption and face recognition to classify file storage and accessing. The File data are given an encryption key which is given by the user while uploading the file.
This given encryption key can be used to lock and secure our folders from other users who have access to our system. People having access to the system cannot access or delete the folder without knowing the encryption key.
To further protect our files we have a face recognition feature in which while the user is registering into the page, a picture of their face is clicked by the webcam which is used later when the user tries to login in the system. After we upload the files into this page we don’t have to store it in the PC anymore where it can be easily accessed and thus our file gets secured. If we want to mail this file we can directly mail it from this page where it can be attached in the mail. The file can be in any format image, pdf, doc etc.


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