Online Food Management System

The Online Food Ordering System described in this document has been designed to fill a specific niche in the market by providing small restaurants with the ability to offer their customers an online ordering option without having to invest large amounts of time and money in having custom software designed specifically for them. The system, which is highly customizable, allows the restaurant employees to easily manage the site content, most importantly the menu, themselves through a very intuitive graphical interface.
The website, which is the only component seen by the restaurant customers, is then built dynamically based on the current state of the system, so any changes made are reflected in real time. Visitors to the site, once registered, are then able to easily navigate this menu, add food items to their order, and specify delivery options with only a few clicks, greatly simplifying the ordering process. Back in the restaurant, placed orders are promptly retrieved and displayed in an easily readable format for efficient processing.
The purpose of this document is to provide in-depth descriptions of design and implementation details of the system, as well as descriptions of all available functionality and plans for evolution. In addition, user manuals and trouble- shooting tips have been included for all three components to give the reader a clear idea of intended typical use cases for the system.


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